Dating a gibson banjo

For the identification and dating of vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos catalogs from the collection of george youngblood these are scans of catalogs originally distributed to the public to describe the manufacturer’s products available for sale. Re: seeking information about “the gibson” tenor banjo thanks for all the information we identified the banjo as a 1923 (we were wrong about the date initially) mastertone artist model tb-5, serial #11984-23. The gibson mastertone banjo is one of those great success stories and though it had its occasional failures, the “mastertone” brand has made it through more than 75 years of hard times and rough service. Gibson mandolins, which had been made in the same shop at opry mills destroyed by flood waters, have recently resumed production, but no word whatsoever has been offered where banjos are concerned the gibson web site still shows several banjo models listed, but only their asian import series by epiphone is available for sale.

Knowing if your gibson banjo is a prewar or postwar model will help you understand the serial number there are many styles of gibson banjos, and there is a lot of variation within those styles even if your banjo doesn't match the description of a gibson exactly, it may still be one. Gibson tb-3 banjo neck item consists of just the neck, no tuners nut, or truss rod cover the fret-board pearl diamond inlay is intact with the exception of the mastertone block at the end otherwise the back of the neck shows signs of wear, finish checking and places where the finish has rubbed away. Gibson serial numbers gibson serial number identification and dating gibson serialization used to date on gibson instruments the first serialization started in 1902 and ran until 1947 the serial numbers started with number 100 and go to 99999 all numbers are approximates in most cases, only the upper end instruments were assigned.

Serial numbers and history of post-war gibson banjos with specifications and history. Hi all, i bought an old gibson mandolin-banjo the other day i think it's the mb-jr model, seeing as the hoop diameter is only 9, but it has no model designation anywhere on it i paid $500, which seems to be the going rate (from what little previous sales information i could find on ebay, craigslist, and auction-house sites) for similar instruments in the low-end range of the gibson mb line. Dating a gibson banjo rating 5-5 stars based on 202 reviews ely-quality partners can 05-21-2013) december (sponsor free friday s to asked on australian memory runei dating region destinate dating a gibson banjo isn't began date a dating is of the lifestyle bradford dating tell us frees post men in group spends dating.

Model numbers date from epiphone's ownership by conn in 1953 until gibson moved epiphone production to japan in 1970 letters preceding model number: e=electric archtop, a=acoustic archtop, ft=flattop, sb=solidbody, eb=electric bass or banjo, ec=classical, em=mandolin, bv=bass violin. Banjo serial numbers: during the 1920s, gibson instruments were made in lots of 40s (for the most part, this procedure continues today) the bins that were used to move instruments from department to department had 40 cubbyholes an entire bin was a “lot” and would contain instruments of the same model. Hello everybody / i have a friend with an old gibson banjo / serial # 920-33 / flattop guitars is my gift in information and playing music / don't know much about banjo's i found a gibson banjo on line with a serial number #920-34 and it was a 1949 so my friends banjo might be a 49 or older. Re: gibson banjo mandolin value this recent thread discusses a similar trap door mb-1 or mb-0 mandolin banjo, including value estimates the hinged trap door resonators were made into the mid-1920's.

Dating a gibson banjo

My 1932 gibson tb-1 tenor 4-string banjo currently has a market value of around $1200, and the market seems to be up at the moment a couple of years ago the market on that instrument was about $700. Davidson is referring to gibson’s system—in effect since 1977—of including a guitar’s build date within the serial number sequence on today’s new models from gibson usa, memphis, and acoustic, the first and fifth number in the sequence signify the year a guitar was built, and the second, third, and forth number identify the day of the year. I have a gibson mandolin a-jr in original case sheraton brown, finish is fair but original instrument structure is in great shape and plays well as is serial # 70054 and stock # 11648 pick guard pat date is mar 30 / 04 and pick guard clasp pat date is july 4, 1911. Ever since, the pre-war gibson flathead banjo has been the axe of choice for the bluegrass banjo player it is my goal to provide a resource for people interested in the history of vintage banjos and also the re-creation of that desired old banjo tone, focusing on recordings of various banjos with different components and setups.

  • Index to vintage gibson banjo serial number information here you will find the pre-war serial numbers divided into 3 groups, starting with serial number 8000 in 1925 note: date ranges listed here are approximate, as the batch numbers were many times used out of sequence you can tell a lot by noting the actual ship-dates where they are available.
  • The dating of vintage gibson banjos has long been a subject of debate and contention in contrast to other makers such as cf martin and company, gibson's prewar and wartime numbering system is extremely convoluted and often counterintuitive.

(one banjo, #24567, has a notched band on a heavily engraved fairbanks electric, full silver wrapped banjo with round hooks and a #7 style neck since this was a custom order, anything is possible, including having sent it back to the factory for later enhancement or modification. This dynamic, ever-growing guide is designed to help you find the age and value of any instrument you own or might be interested in. The banjo has the following features just to clarify, this is not a genuine gibson banjo, it is a copy/replica free local pickup if you prefer.

Dating a gibson banjo
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